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SAP does not allow us to provide our service to you because of copy right reason. On the one hand we understand that. On the other hand, we collect all information we get from the internet, analyzed, linked and provided to you to make your SAP life easier.

Instead of providing helpful tips and tricks for your SAP life, we make your SAP life funnier. Since we changed your content, the visits doubles. Thanks!

Interested people got the account for the new service of our partner, which provides the service we did a long time. Registred users can use the service as usual, but we don't accept new users because of server capacity.

All time statistic of companies which use our tool in Germany (Google Analytics)

  1. sap-ag walldorf
  2. atos it solutions and services gmbh
  3. deutsche telekom ag
  4. siemens ag
  5. bayer ag germany leverkusen
  6. hewlett-packard company
  7. cisco systems ironport division
  8. basf business services gmbh
  9. volkswagen ag
  10. capgemini outsourcing services gmbh

Okay, see you on a new place