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May 08 08

VA05 - How to save the report layout  

13:54 // D V

Hi all,

For VA05 standard report of order list , as per the requirement i need to create it as a variant and save the variant so that whenever i want to see the report i can select that variant and veiw the report, can anyone suggest the steps how to go about it?

May 08 08

Re: VA05 - How to save the report layout  

14:01 // Smile Zhang


VA05->enter the data-> Menu->Settings->Layouts->Save->

Save layout /ztest

Name: Ztest

VA05 again->Settings->Layouts->Choose->/ztest->then you get the list



May 08 08

Re: VA05 - How to save the report layout  

14:01 // Shiju Thengumthottathil

Goto va05n

enter the required details

then goto--> Variants --> save as variant

enter Variant Name and meaning and save

then goto va05n again and get variant(near to execute button) double click the variant name.

May 08 08

Re: VA05 - How to save the report layout  

14:18 // G Lakshmipathi

Use SU3, goto parameter ID, type SD_VARIANT_MAINTAIN and assign value "A" to that


G. Lakshmipathi

May 08 08

Re: VA05 - How to save the report layout  

14:14 // Claudia Neudeck


before you create a variant you have to check your parameter as follow:

please check your user profile and maintain the parameter           

SD_VARIANT_MAINTAIN with a value of 'A' in the following path:      

      > system                                                      

        > user profile                                              

          > own data                                                

            > parameter tab                                                                               

If the parameter set, then you can create and save your variant.



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